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Top 10 Anime With 12 Episodes You Won't Miss Them

It is very difficult to make a top 10 list when it comes to general anime, even without any requirements. But since many hig…

Apr 16, 2022

10+ Best Anime Characters With Social Anxiety (Ranked)

The dread of engaging with people or being adversely assessed by them is known as social anxiety. It may be severely debilit…

Apr 1, 2022

15 Best Anime Characters With Headbands (Ranked)

If we're talking about anime characters with headbands , the first thing that comes to mind is Naruto's , but there …

Apr 1, 2022

Top 17 Anime Characters With Short Black Hair

Amazing anime characters with long, flowing hair abound in anime. However, some anime fans simply desire anime character wit…

Mar 31, 2022