How To Watch Boruto Without Filler

How To Watch Boruto Without Filler ? is interest Questions, Buruto: Naruto The next generation of Naruto is successful in both story and fulfillment Without Filler,The series has 206 episodes to date, many of which are low quality. This is mainly because there is no gap between current events in the anime and the manga, So How To Watch Boruto Without Filler.

Watch Boruto Without Filler


If you want interesting manga and anime :


Ep 1 - The first pages of Boruto Ch 1 (Flash forward)

Ep 18-24 - Naruto Gaiden 7th Hokage and Purple Spring (Ch 700+1 - 700+10)

Ep 39 - Naruto Gaiden Moonlight (Boruto Ch 0)

Ep 51-66 - Boruto: Naruto Theater (Boruto Ch 1-10)

Ep 141-151 - Mujina Bandits Arc (Boruto Ch 11-15)

Ep 157-188 - Kara / The Ship's Bow (Boruto Ch 16-24)

This is all you need to see.

There are about 68 episodes and that is the main story. I recommend watching another episode, but it won't be fun. The problem with Boruto is that it's usually a part of life, and you can remember the character development for the characters.


Ep 1-15 - Boruto Light Novel 1-3

It follows Boruto from the Academy and revolves around Jogan and Sumire and Silkworm from Boruto.

Ep 25-32 - Boruto Light Novel 4

This was followed by a visit to Kirigakure and the New Seven Swordsmen of Mist. Episode 34-38 - Boruto Light Novel 5.

The Genin Experience More Than Naruto.

He follows the Genin experience more than Naruto.

Ep 93-95 - Naruto Shinden: Parents and Children Day

This is the part of the arc of life that the old generation deals with the new.

Ep 106-111 - Konoha Shinden: Scroll of Brother.

Kakashi and Guy with Asuma's daughter

He follows Kakashi and Guy with Asuma's daughter, Mirai, against the Jashinists.

There is also an original anime arc.

I dream of you - Ep 42-47

Naruto Appears

It is the sequel to the ninja costume weapon that appeared in the Boruto movie "Other". It is independent and does not affect the story. Finally, Naruto appears.

The love of God Ep 70-92

Hokage death

This is a Hokage death and gives Mitsuki some character development that is kept in the anime but not the manga. Ep 112 is unnecessary.

Jugo Arc - Ep 98-103

This is generally a good bow, except for the Birdshit package. Linked to the character of Sumire. Travel - Ep 120-136

Boruto and Sasuke go back in time

This ties in with the last of the Urashiki included in the animated version of the Movie arc. It's not good, but Boruto and Sasuke go back in time and meet little Naruto, Jiraiya, and Konoha Zenin.

ChoCho episode and Konohomaru love episode are fillers. There are several sections that I skipped, and these are also fills such as Ep 16-17, Ep 33, Ep 40-41, 48-50, 67-69,  Ep 96-97, 104-105, 113-119, 139-140, 152-153, 155-156.

Many times only Canon Anime such as Ep 112, 137, 138, 154. Ep 112 - Shikadai becomes Chunin

Ep 137 - Relationship with Sumire in the manga. Ep 138 - This story is about Boruto Hiashi's grandfather.

Ep 154   - This is the story of Himawari engaging in education.

You don't have to see them at all.

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