[ Best ] 17 Korean Anime You Should not Miss

best korean anime

Yes! Korean anime, we all know ofcourse about japanese anime but not must people knew that korean has the best anime movies ans tv shows.

For that i write thos article as summary of the best korean anime you shouldn't miss, So Let start :

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korean anime film  Oseam

Oseam is one of popular korean anime film Though well-regarded in each Korea and France, Oseam is nearly unknown within the USA. It follows 2 orphans, Gami and Gilson, United Nations agency notice a replacement home at a Mahayana Buddhist temple. To earn their keep, the 2 be of assistance to round the temple. As they settle into their lives there, they fight to come back to terms with losing their oldsters, home, and Gami's visual sense to a fireplace. although Gami understands that her oldsters area unit ne'er coming, Gilson still hopes to examine them once more.

Semi Wa Magic Cube

korean anime tv show Semi Wa Magic Cube

Moving to korean anime tv show, the story tells the tale of semi a bright girl who goes through a magical time journey with her genius teacher in order to prevent the evil ex from utilizing the powers of the magic cube for evil along the way semi and her school friends have to use logic and wit to solve history and maths problems.

Seoul Station

Seoul Station The korean anime movie

Hye-sun is attempting to flee life during a building The korean anime movie about Meanwhile and her father Suk-gyu is attempting to urge involved together with his unloved female offspring. Before either of them are able to do their goals, they are interrupted by a zombie occurrence, that takes everything they need to survive. 

Seoul Station is really Associate in Nursing animated prequel to a different film by constant director, a live-action show referred to as Train to Busan.

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Ghost Messenger

Ghost Messenger Korean animated series

Ghost messengers is South Korean animated series talking about the super power agents from the underground world called the world of death the world of death is a digitalized world with really advanced technology which controls and manages the life and death of all living things released in december of 2010 this anime falls into genres like action and supernatural.

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox korean anime film version

The nine-tailed fox may be a common figure in East Asian mythology, and therefore the korean anime film version is termed the kumiho. The legend of the kumiho loosely informs the story of Yobi, The 5 caudated Fox. Yobi may be a legendary fox WHO transforms into somebody's once she decides to shield associate degree alien WHO is stranded on earth and rejected by its fellow aliens.

She lands up in an exceedingly college for unusual person kids and ends up falling smitten with the planet of humans - and growing connected to her new human friend, Geum-ee. She tries to measure associate degree idyllic life within the world of humans, however this can be easier same than done. Eventually, she desires somebody's soul - and she or he additionally needs to shield Geum-ee from the Shadow Man's villainous plot.

Flowering Heart

Flowering Heart korean anime series

One of the best korean anime series begin in the first day of the new school year fifth grader ari and her best friends have started an after-school activity called the problem-solving club however no one seems to have any problems that need to be solved disappointed ari ends up discovering an unconscious hamster on the road and from there things start to get interesting.

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Wonderful Days

korean anime action film Wonderful Days

In the year 2142, the atmosphere has been virtually utterly destroyed by pollution. To counter this, a town known as Ecoban is made to run on the DELOS system, a strong means that of reworking pollution into energy. All of this comes at a value - AN underprivileged that has to work outside of the town to gather carbonite to run the system. one amongst these employees is Shuha Shinto, a young man WHO finds himself forced to decide on between 2 lovers - his childhood friend Jay, and a high-level security officer from Ecoban, Cade.

This korean anime action film uses a noteworthy animation strategy - the background is completed virtually entirely in CGI, however the characters area unit drawn on cels.

The Legend Of Blue

The Legend Of Blue korean anime action series

Again with korean anime action series, it was first released in 2002 and contains 26 episodes the show is set in the not too distant future and involves the government mercenaries and mafias all trying to be the dominant presence in the seas.

The King of Pigs

The King of Pigs korean anime drama movie

korean anime drama movie : kyung-min who killed his wife after the industry failed. to undertake and affect his feelings, he reconnects along with his lyceum friend, Jong-suk, World Health Organization is functioning as a writer however longs to inform his own stories.

The 2 former friends keep their current lives a secret, and dream their lives in lyceum, wherever they suffered from severe bullying at the hands of the "dogs" World Health Organization referred to as them "pigs". 

Their lives improve once Kim Chul, the alleged "King of Pigs" stands up for them. however within the gift, one thing horrible went on to Kim Chul, and each Kyung-min and Jong-suk should reckon therewith truth.

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Jang Geum's Dream

Jang Geum's Dream korean animation series

korean animation series that the main character has a dream of becoming a cook however she is instead hired as a servant at a palace first released in october of 2005 this anime follows a storyline filled with adventure and comedy it also has some historical elements to it and it has 26 episodes.

Green Days: Dinosaur and I

Green Days: Dinosaur and I animation korean drama movie

That one of interested animation korean drama movie, Green Days: archosaurian and that i follows a highschool lady named Yi-rang as she struggles with the complexities of growing up, falling soft on, and being faithful herself.

She's nearly utterly given abreast of her dreams of being associate contestant once she meets Cheol-soo and Soo-min, 2 classmates with dreams and issues of their own. The relationships between the 3 teens spark growth and alter for all 3 of them.

This utterly hand-drawn film was well-received by critics, however fared poorly in its international unharness, creating it associate underrated gem of Korean.

The Haunted House

The Haunted House

The secret of the ghost ball 24 episodes of a mystery filled show takes two siblings on an adventure where if they get rid of the ghosts haunting the building they stay in they will be granted a wish this wish is granted by a goblin who also lives in the same building and also wants the ghosts god.

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Shining Star

Shining Star korean anime story

First released in october of 2017 the korean anime story follows a girl by the name of nara who attends school at a place known as shining star school this place is where every girl has the ambitious dream of becoming the best and most famous idol nara is no exception and she has a lot of struggle ahead of her.

Element Hunters

Element Hunters anime

In 2029 a large-scale ground sinkage occurred in the mediterranean sea chemical elements such as oxygen carbon gold and others disappeared from the earth's crust suddenly researchers found out that the disappeared elements were drained into another earth located in another dimension a team of under 13 year olds are put together called element hunters and they are sent to this world to try and save our world in our dimension.


Noblesse korean anime

This korean anime follows a Raizel, is the main character in the story he holds the special title of a pure blooded noble and a protector of all the other nobles in an attempt to protect Raizel his servant enrolls him at a high school where he learns the simple routines of the human world through his classmates.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God korean anime

In this korean anime we have a tower this tower grants the deepest desires of whoever can reach the top.

Our main character is dubbed an irregular after finding a way to open the gates of the tower instead of being summoned he then proceeds to further surprise everyone with his abilities this anime was first released in april of 2020 and falls into genres of action adventure and drama.

God Of High School

God Of High School

After starting as a webtoon from south korea back in 2011 it was translated to english in 2014 and eventually released as an anime in july of 2020.

The show is not surprisingly based in korea where a tournament takes place to determine who is the god of high school with lots of action this show dedicates the tournament to showing off martial arts abilities.


And with that we have come to the end of the Article i hope you enjoy it, and if you'd like it see more content just like this but otherwise.

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