Best 12 Anime Where The Main Character is Stuck in a Video Game

Anime Where The Main Character is Stuck in a Video Game

Are you looking for amazing anime to watch anime where mc stuck in a video game? do not worry. you are in the right place,  And if you're worried about their legitimacy, fear not. We protect you.

In article bellow, we will recommend the 12 Best Anime Where The Main Character is Stuck in a Video Game. Additionally, you will finally understand, as you come to the end of the article, whether it’s fun to watch anime. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Without waiting, There is the list of The Best Anime Where The Main Character is Stuck in a Video Game.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon mc stuck in a video game

Shiroe must learn to live in this new world as he leads others and talks to NPC "natives" to secure the fake town of Akihabara. He joins his hapless friend Naotsugu, entering for the first time in years and joins Akatsuki, a small but heavy assassin who finds himself stuck and kills his master Shiro. A story of dreams, adventure and politics, Log Horizon explores the essence of the game through the eyes of an expert who tries to make the most of the enigmatic layer of nature.

No Game No Life

No Game No Life mc stuck in video game

Life is like a game. If you use the card correctly, you can win. This may be more of an example, but that's what No Game No Life (NGNL) has put in place. Well, not for the first time, but in the mysterious world of Disboard everything is determined by the game. That includes your life. But first, we have to go back a bit. This is because NGNL is a position that describes the process of two important characters and a brother and sister conquered by a disboard and becoming gods of their own world, like the new light of the same name. They are like games that you have never played before.

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

A year after escaping Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya is back in the real world. However, his peace is short-lived as there is another incident in the game called Gun Gale Online where a player named Death Gun appears to kill them in the real world by shooting them. Kazuto, who is contacted by authorities to investigate the murders, takes on the role of Kirito again and enters Gun Gale Online to stop the killer.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

Life in the busy city of Orario never gets boring, especially for Bill Cranell, a naive young man who hopes to become the greatest adventurer in the world. After a chance encounter with the only goddess Hastia, her dreams come a little closer to reality. With their support, Bill embarks on a fascinating mission as he delves into the city's caves full of monsters known only as the "Black Girl". Death lies in every corner of the caverns of this terrible labyrinth, and a mysterious force moves between the shadows.

Even in appearance, survival is a privilege hard to come by. In fact, nothing is safe in a world where gods and humans live and work together, especially when they often seek harmony. One thing is certain, however: Countless mistakes, victories and friendships await the ceaselessly optimistic hero of this superhero story.

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They?

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They

Let's talk about the story first, so as not to go too deep, the story is about three children from different backgrounds who have a gift and are a little tired of their lifestyle until a message comes out that will lead them into this new world.

The series revolves around gift toys. These are predefined battles with special rules. In games like this one can say that betting. I want to make this a little clearer, but I really don't want to ruin anything! So just look

KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world!

KonoSuba – God's blessing on this wonderful world

When Union receives a letter about a possible disaster in his hometown, he immediately informs Kazuma Sato and the rest of his group. After a series of silly misunderstandings, it turns out that this is just a joke from another devil who wants to be a writer. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I'll tell you.

It was there that Kazuma and others decided to witness the wonders of Megumin's birthplace. However, they soon realized that the irrational threat they had received was likely more than a joke.


Overlord mc stuck in video game

The final hour of the popular virtual reality game is Yggdrasil. However, Momonga, the powerful magician and costume master of the Ainz Ooal Dark Society, decides to spend his last moments in the game while the servers are shutting down. Surprisingly, even though it was midnight, Momonga was still as conscious as his character, and non-player characters seemed to have developed their own characters!

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash mc stuck in video game

Before Haruhito could understand what had happened, he was surrounded by darkness. Why was he here? Where was he here? He still doesn't know. The people around him were like him and no one remembers anything other than their names. And when they came out of the dark, the world that awaited them was like something out of a video game.

Haruhito parties to survive, learns martial arts, and takes his first steps into Grimgar's world as a reserve soldier. He doesn't know what to expect there ...

This is an adventure story born of ashes.


Kiba Main Character is Stuck in a Video Game

In a dystopian future, two friends dream of freedom and earn more than they want! Zed Sar Dagh flees the authorities while his clever friend Noah struggles with his battered body. Both find themselves in a magical world that seems to offer escape and power that no one has ever dreamed of. Join Zayd and his mighty rebel spirit Amir Gol on their quest for ultimate power. It is a force that can save the world - or destroy life as we know it. This is the world of Kiba! Where you have to use your inner strength and fight with everything you have!

Accel world

Accel world mc stuck in video game

Harveyuki Arita is an obese and harassing high school student who finds solace in online gaming. But when he discovered one day that Kurviyokihime, the popular vice chairman of the student council, had surpassed all of his good grades, his life changed dramatically.

Then he invited her to the student lounge and introduced her "Brain Burst," a program that allows users to boost their brainwaves to the point where time seems to have stood still. Brain Burst also acts as an augmented reality game and users have to win duels against other players to earn more points to increase the speed.

However, if the user loses all of their points, they will also lose access to Brain Burst forever.

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil

In the near future, augmented reality will be an essential part of everyday life. A funny high school girl named Yoko "Yasaku" Okunogi and her family are moving to Daikoko despite rumors that people are missing. There his grandmother, nicknamed “Mega-baa”, runs a shop called Megasia, which specializes in illegal tools that communicate with parts of the virtual world.

Mega-baa also runs an informal research agency called Coyle, a group of children in San Yasakos who uncover and fight cybercrime. Yasaku joins the group when he helps Fumi Hashimoto, one of Coil's funny members, rescue his electronic dog, Densuke, after being trapped in cyberspace in search of a mysterious virus. Also, an aggressive hacker named Yoko Amasawa is investigating these corruptions and viruses that others call Isaco Summoning.


Fractale mc stuck in video game

The story takes place on an island where the “fractal system” begins to collapse. One day, Klein found an injured girl named Farin under a rock. Get out of here and untie the chain. Klein embarks on a journey with the avatar of Nessa's daughter to find Phryne and to uncover the secret of the Fractale System.

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