25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Because of their unique hair color, anime females with white hair have a tendency to become quick fan favorites. Cute Anime Ladies provide compassion, pleasant sentiments, and happiness to any anime, and I like to see them as good and pious characters on a regular basis.

Without beautiful anime girls, anime would be boring to watch, when it comes to color palettes, anime employs a variety of techniques, making it difficult to distinguish between grey and white hair.

So, without any further, let's get started with the list.

1. Lisanna Strauss From Fairy Tail

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Lisanna is depicted as a small young girl with short white hair and blue eyes, she wore a simple pink outfit with dark red shoes as a child.

Her white hair was longer when she was transferred to Edolas, and she wore a short, dark red frock with a white collar and bow. She wore gold rings with a delicate pink fabric flowing down from them up on her arms over her elbows. She was dressed in thick black socks and brown shoes.

2. Black Hanekawa From Nekomonogatari: Kuro

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Because Black Hanekawa is really a sawarineko who has taken over Tsubasa's body, she has primarily taken on Tsubasa's physical characteristics, such as long hair, a voluptuous physique, and a pair of generous breasts.

Tsubasa's appearance is altered by the sawarineko, who alters her hair to a silvery white, her eyes to a golden hue with slit pupils, a kind of cat ears, and a paler skin.

3. Alka From Blade And Soul

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Alka is the protagonist of the Blade & Soul anime series.

Alka is a grown woman with white hair and purple eyes who is the last surviving member of the Clan of the Sword and is on a mission to avenge her lord. She is a cold-blooded assassin who uses her power and quickness to destroy her enemies.

4. Shiro From Deadman Wonderland

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Shiro is a key character in Deadman Wonderland, and he has an alter ego known as The Wretched Egg, she is Ganta Igarashi's childhood buddy and Hagire Rinichir's adopted daughter.

Shiro is a girl who is albino. Her hair is snow-white, her skin is pale, and her eyes are crimson; even her brows and eyelashes are white. Her hair is long and extends all the way to her knees. She wears a peach skintight bodysuit with red circles and stripes (in the anime, it's white). Her toes, like her heels, protrude from her bodysuit. She also wears large brown gloves and a white neckwarmer, though she has also been seen in black mittens, a black neckwarmer, and black winter boots.

5. Noire From Black Heart

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

In her usual form, noire has long black hair. Her hair color fades to pure white as she transforms into her goddess form known as Black Heart. Her personality has a tsundere quality to it.

Hyperdevotion Compile Heart and Sting Entertainment collaborated on Noire: Goddess Black Heart, a tactical role-playing game released in 2014.

6. Ileana From Claymore

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Irene had elf-like ears, long white whitish hair, and an aquiline nose.

She wore the regular outfit and had silver eyes, as do all Claymores. She had a peaceful expression on her face most of the time. With her flowing straight hair, large pointy ears, and controlled demeanor, Irene resembles an elf more than other Claymores.

7. Eris From KonoSuba

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Eris has the physical look of a young teenage girl, while her actual age is unclear. Many people have been taken aback by her breathtaking beauty, including Kazuma Satou, who has described her as the most beautiful lady he has ever seen.

Eris has lovely purple eyes and a scar on her right cheek that she got while fighting the Demon King's soldiers, which she typically conceals with cosmetics.

She has a bright purple ombre on her long white or silver hair that reaches her ankles. She has ahoge blooming from her fringe and two long bangs that stretch down to her shoulders.

8. Canaan From Canaan

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Canaan is a tan-skinned young lady in her mid to late teens with shoulder-length white-blonde hair, gray eyes, and a lean, muscular frame.

Her regular outfit consists of a red sleeveless blouse, tan khaki pants, combat boots, and a layered red wristband wrapping around her left arm to cover her tattoo, which is pulled off frequently during her battles.

9. Noelle Silva From Black Clover

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Noelle is a 15-year-old girl with pink eyes and a slim body. Her long, silver-colored hair is normally pulled back into pigtails, with her center bangs falling over her brow. She also has a set of purple stud earrings with a cross flory fitchy form on her left wrist, as well as a silver bracelet.

She's dressed in a sleeveless, backless, short purple dress with a silver jacket. The jacket features a backless style with gold-colored cuffs that reach just past her elbows and are linked at the back.

10. Altair From Re: Creators

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Altair has long white hair and brilliant red eyes with a bluish-green box in the middle of them. She's dressed in a Spanish-style double-breasted coat and a heavy navy-blue military cap. She is known as "The Military Princess" as a result of this.

11. Koneko Toujou From High School DxD

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

From the anime High School DxD, Koneko is a tiny White Haired Girl with gold eyes. Her hair features two long bangs that stretch past her shoulders and many loose bangs that dangle over her forehead in the front, and a short bob cut in the back.

She also has a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her head, one of which has the information on how to create additional Super Devils artificially. She normally doesn't wear the shoulder cape and wears the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform. Koneko is one of the series' smallest female characters, standing at 138 cm (4 feet 6 inches).

12. Uni From Black Heart

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Uni is a fair-skinned young lady with jet-black hair that reaches her breast, identical to her sister's. Her hair is pulled back into twintails and fastened with light blue and black ribbons, with some areas left loose.

Uni's eyes are likewise red, but they are deeper in comparison to her sister's, approximating a shade of burgundy.

13. Najenda From Akame Ga Kill

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Najenda is a short, white haired girl  with purple eyes. Where her right eye used to be, she wears an eyepatch. She's dressed in a black outfit that reveals her cleavage. Her mechanical right arm is green and black.

Her hair used to be longer and she wore it knotted and braided when she was younger.

14. Alice Nakiri From Food Wars

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Alice is a fair-skinned girl who somehow entirely inherited all of her beautiful physical traits from her mother, with short, silver hair that has a longer left hair strand that reaches the bottom of her chin before lengthening to the top of her collar.

She has red eyes that are drawn a little differently from the other girl characters' where the irises are much more pronounced (her eyes take on the appearance of a cat), and red hair that has Despite the fact that she is a couple of inches taller than her cousin.

14. Komugi From Hunter X Hunter

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

She appeared as a young girl with unkempt white hair, two of which were raveled into ponytails. Unless she was playing Gungi, she had thick brown-black brows and always kept her eyes closed.

Komugi was dressed in a pink tunic and a white long-sleeved shirt. Due to her blindness, she was observed entering the Royal Palace of East Gorteau with a walking stick.

Around the time she was cured by Neferpitou, she changed her clothes. She was next dressed in a skirt that was identical to the previous one but did not have the frills at the bottom.

15. Mirajane Strauss From Fairy Tail

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Mirajane is a petite young woman with a short stature. Her hair is long and white, with two bangs framing her face and going down to her breast; the most distinguishing feature of her hairdo is a short, upward ponytail produced by collecting and tying the hair covering her forehead.

Her hair appears to have adapted to her constant adoption of such trend, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not fastened. She has a curvaceous, sensual physique with huge breasts and beautiful blue eyes. Her left thigh bears the white Fairy Tail Stamp. Mirajane is well-known for her beauty, having served as Fairy Tail's drawing card and posing for the Sorcerer Magazine on several occasions.

16. Isla From Plastic Memories

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Isla is one of the series' shortest characters. Her pale purple hair is frequently pulled back into pigtails. She normally wears a white Terminal Service outfit with black and orange embellishments and has red eyes.

Isla used to just wear her standard issue uniform and nothing else before finding her genuine sentiments of happiness with the aid of Tsukasa. She began wearing varied costumes while going out, especially on dates and meetings with Tsukasa, since her love for him drove her to be more active and cheerful.

17. Kaguya Otsutsuki From Naruto Shippuden

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Kaguya had a light complexion and delicate facial features. Her white hair was incredibly long and sweeping (grey in the anime). Kaguya sported a scarlet lipstick tint on her lips and had white clear eyes. Her brows were clipped very short and round, a mark of aristocracy. Her hair got even longer, trailing over the ground, and her fingernails grew long and black when she ate the forbidden fruit in the anime.

She developed two brown horns that protruded from her head, as well as a third eye in the center of her forehead. In the anime, she wore a high-collared hime-kimono with tomoe going down the center and corners of the gown and beautiful gold and purple lines.

18. Elizabeth Liones From The Seven Deadly Sins

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Elizabeth is a lovely young woman with a slim yet curvy form, a large breast, and a normal height. Her complexion is very pale, and she has long silver hair that reaches her waist, as well as enormous light blue eyes that can turn orange when growing a triskele (though it was only her right eye at first).

After being cut across the forehead by one of Chandler's Split Tama, her bangs initially covered her right eye but eventually ceased, leaving her with a similar hairdo to her former version. The depiction of Elizabeth sought on the poster is fairly realistic, as she was only recently in the kingdom.

19. Emilia From Re: Zero

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Emilia is a lovely Half-Elf with purple-blue eyes and long silver hair. She's dressed in white and purple and has a white flower in her hair. Emilia's chronological age is unclear, despite the fact that she seems to be in her late teens. Her mental age has been estimated to be in her early to mid teens. Her hair has been done in a number of ways, and the Great Spirit of Fire, as per her contract with Puck, was the one who ordered her hairdo.

Emilia wore a different pair of garments with the same color pattern when she was a youngster and still resided in Elior Forest. Her necklace was replaced by a light green ribbon, she had a new flower in her hair, and she wore a light purple headband.

20. Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Neferpitou had wavy white hair and the look of a humanoid cat. Yellow and white hair covered their cat-like ears and tails, respectively. They possessed ruby-red eyes and insect-like knees with defined joints.

The hands of Neferpitou were somewhat bigger than the ordinary human hand. Their outfit consisted of a blue overcoat with six yellow buttons and cuff links, shorts with thin black stripes and orange stockings, and blue shoes.

21. Kanade Tachibana From Angel Beats!

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Kanade is a stunning white-skinned girl with waist-length white hair (which is frequently mistaken for a shade of blue in the Light Novel) half-tied by a hair clip and bangs covering either of her brows, gold eyes with hints of auburn/brown in certain lighting, and slightly cat eyed/curved up eyes to fit with her mysterious/kuudere vibe.

She is dressed in the Afterlife School's standard uniform, which includes a skirt over a white petticoat, white knee-high stockings, brown shoes, and a pale blue barrette clip on the back of her head that holds a portion of her hair up. Kanade stands just 150 cm (4'11") tall, making her one of the series' smallest characters. Kanade is portrayed with short hair tied in a ponytail after her apparent rebirth.

22. Hanbei Takenaka From Oda Nobuna

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Hanbei is a little woman with a childlike look. Her looks would lead one to believe she is in her early twenties, despite the fact that her age is unknown. Her medium-length silver hair is wrapped up on two sides, and she has huge hazel eyes.

She's dressed in what seems to be a sleeveless turquoise yukata with two poofy armwarmers and fingerless gloves. Her yukata is covered with a white sleeveless top with a vivid blue ribbon knotted on the left. She has waraji as well, which she wears with tabi.

23. Eucliwood Hellscythe From Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Eu has a unique look; unlike the most of the characters, she adopts the appearance of a young human girl from the Middle Ages. She has blue eyes and straight silver hair that reaches well beyond her waist.

She is encased in silver armor and dressed in a purple gown below. Eu wears a piece of armor on her forehead all the time, even while she's showering, because it suppresses her skills.

24. Nao Tomori From Charlotte

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Throughout the episodes, Nao is a young girl with long grey hair that occasionally seems pale blonde or white. Her dark hair is knotted in two tails, and she has huge blue eyes.

Her uniform consists of a red jacket with a yellow bow tie and a reddish-brown pleated skirt, which she wears frequently. Gray knee-length socks and brown boots are also part of her school uniform.

25. Illyasviel Von Einzbern From Fate

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

llyasviel has white hair, pale complexion, and red eyes. Illya shares a genetic likeness with her mother, Irisviel, as well as her ancestor, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who was responsible for the development of the Holy Grail's core.

She's dressed in a purple collared long-sleeved blouse, a light purple scarf, a long white skirt, and purple boots.

26. Origami Tobiichi From Date A Live

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Origami has the appearance of a young, pretty woman with blue eyes and short, silvery-white hair cut into a bob with three hair clips in the right section of her hair. Her features are sometimes compared to those of a doll because of their attractiveness and lack of emotion. Her eyes changed hue from blue to light blue and white once she became a Spirit.

Origami's hair is seen to be considerably longer in the new timeline, reaching down to her waist, before being trimmed back to her normal length once her Spirit abilities are sealed. When she goes to school, she normally wears the Raizen High girl uniform, same like her female peers. Origami's height is 152cm, and she comes in three sizes: B75/W55/H79.

27. Seitenshi From Black Bullet

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Seitenshi is a stunning young woman with light complexion and a petite body. She has fine, white brows and thick, superb white eyelashes that encircle her round eyes with light irises. Her hair is kept in an untidy style, moving to the middle of her face, covering her forehead and leaving just a few pieces exposed. Between her eyes, a clump of hair falls right on her little nose. Her neck is short, her lips are narrow, and her ears are covered behind her white hair.

Seitenshi is dressed in a fancy white dress. Several things are adorned with whirling circles all over the upper piece. There are two ribbons on either side of her shoulders. An gap at the bottom of the dress, which covers her thighs, reveals partial sections of her legs, which are covered by white stockings. The dress's last component is elaborately fashioned to look like cherry blossoms. Seitenshi's head is hidden behind a white cap with rose-like items affixed to the side.

28. Ulith From Selector Infected Wixoss

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

Urith had light complexion and short straight violet hair in her previous body, according to a flashback. Her hair was also a little messier than it had been when she was LRIG. She was also observed wearing a dark blue sailor fuku with a white neckerchief at one point.

She has pale complexion, short white hair, and purple eyes. Her outfit is simple and resembles tights, with white on the chest and light purple leggings. She also wears white gloves and light purple shoes. She also has light purple bandage wrappings on her right wrist and a ribbon knotted around her head. She had taken over Iona Urazoe's body at the end of the first season.

29. Alisa Ilinichina Amiella From God Eater

25+ White Haired Anime Girl [Ranked Beautiful Girls]

God Eater Burst / Ressurection

Alisa wears a scarlet beret over her untidy gray hair. She's dressed in a checkered red skirt and a short, sleeveless black jacket that covers her breast but only partially closes the zipper from top to bottom, revealing her stomach and some cleavage. She wears black fingerless gloves with the left extending to her elbow, as well as black thigh-length boots to complete her fairly exposing attire.

God Eater 2 / Rage Burst

Her unruly hair has been straightened. She wears a red beret with a distinctive design and the regular white Cradle jacket (however, as The 2nd Break demonstrates, she can't close it past her chest, leaving her appearing like she did in the first game).

God Eater Resonant Ops

Alisa's look changes as she grows older, and she appears to be taller as well. While her basic look remains the same, with the red beret, red skirt, and black boots, she has replaced her white Cradle jacket with a black Fenrir uniform that still exposes her cleavage, as well as wearing white gloves.

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