Top 10 Manhwa and Manhua Like Legendary Moon Light Sculptor

Legendary Moon Light Sculptor  hd wallpaper

Webtoon like Legendary Moon Light Sculptor :

10. Dungeon Reset

Dungeon Reset hd wallpaper

When our megacycle per second gets transported to a different world, he finds one thing strange. He will level up, however there's one thing even strange. The dungeon resets however nobody is in a position to raid it once more except him. Why doesn’t this reset method solely apply to him?

Since he's the sole one with the aptitude of clearing it, he moves forward. With some straightforward and helpful skills, his game starts, however what’s the mystery behind all this? so, we have a tendency to brought this wonderful manhwa into the list of best manhwa like solo leveling.

9. Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero


Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero hd wallpaper

Resurrection of The Catastrophic Hero story is regarding the strongest Hunter that was betrayed by his associate within the dungeon raid.

What happened was some days back. His friend told him a prophecy that he can die if he goes to the dungeon. it absolutely was conjointly one in every of the highest-ranked dungeons thus he thought that would be a break however he still determined to travel to the dungeon and managed to defeat the boss monster.

But what happened later was that one in every of his raid members pushed him off the formation and later it absolutely was declared that he had died whereas clearing the dungeon.

After twenty years, the protagonist climbed up back to the formation and has determined to precise revenge.

8. I am The Sorcerer King

I am The Sorcerer King hd wallpaper

I am The Sorcerer King story sets in an exceedingly world wherever monsters seem out of obscurity from the dungeons and attack humanity. presently folks awaken their hidden talents and fight back to guard their world. LeeSungHoon is additionally a hunter, however a weak one will his hunter job acting as bait thanks to her mother’s illness.

But in some unspecified time in the future, he gets heavily separated and remembers his past life. He realizes that he's the sorcerer-king in his previous life, and with the past life’s information, he brings back his powers slowly to become the one to avoid wasting the planet.

7. My Path To Killing Gods in Another World

My Path To Killing Gods in Another World hd wallpaper

My Path To Killing Gods in Another World about The main character was one among the best individuals in his category.

One day, he was invited to play a game. however once he logged in, he got affected by lightning and got teleported to an area that wasn't a part of the sport. He wasn’t even ready to close. which time a mission triggered to survive during this harsh climate full of monsters and this had no closing date. therefore he unbroken killing to survive whereas continued to level up.

This is been discharged recently, therefore it doesn’t have that a lot of chapters at the instant i'm scripting this, however I extremely suggest you are trying it.

6. Hero of His Own Opinion

 This is a brilliant manga like Solo Leveling, consider checking it out.

Hero of His Own Opinion hd wallpaper

The protagonist during Hero of His Own Opinion was The Demon King in his previous life. And in his second life, he was born as an individual's in fashionable society.

If I bear in mind properly, this is often his third life. he's being employed as a take a look at subject once Heroes seem and save his life. However, it seems that they aren’t there to avoid wasting his life, however they're on a mission to kill these individuals, and that they plan to kill him also to not leave any witnesses behind.

But later, he gets recognized as a hero and that they spare his life and produce him to the king.

His character is analogous to it of the FFF category Trash hero’s protagonist, and therefore the system he got is additionally choked with errors.

5. Legendary Moon Light Sculptor

Solo Leveling hd wallpaper

 Ten years past, "the Gate" appeared and connected the $64000 world with the realm of magic and monsters. To combat these vile beasts, normal individuals received herculean powers and have become referred to as "Hunters." Twenty-year-old Sung Jin-Woo is one such Hunter, however he's referred to as the "World's Weakest," due to his pathetic power compared to even a meager  E-Rank. Still, he hunts monsters inexhaustibly in low-rank Gates to get his mother's medical bills.

However, this miserable mode changes once Jin-Woo—believing himself to be the sole one left to die in an exceedingly mission gone really wrong—awakens in an exceedingly hospital 3 days later to search out a mysterious screen floating before of him. This "Quest Log" demands that Jin-Woo completes Associate in Nursing kafkaesque and intense educational program, or face Associate in Nursing acceptable penalty. ab initio reluctant to obey owing to the quest's rigor, Jin-Woo shortly finds that it's going to simply remodel him into one in all the world's most terrible Hunters.

4. Origins


Origins  hd wallpaper

The first impression simply} can get by just checking the quilt is that the protagonist appears like recent Carl Gustav Jung Woo from Solo Leveling.

In this manhwa, the globe is dominated by Kings once monsters began to seem within the world. The king created robust thick and long walls to barricade his kingdom—like it had been worn out Attack on Titan. He unbroken all the robust people who may facilitate him survive within the walls and kicked out all the weak folks.

The protagonist’s village was massacred by monsters and he was the only survivor of his village. At the current moment, his talents haven’t been disclosed, however it will have some quite special power.
It’s an excellent manga like Solo Leveling with AN op megacycle per second, do check it out.

3. Seoul Station Druid

Seoul Station Druid hd wallpaper

When the planet began to modification, individuals started obtaining teleported to alternative worlds. The protagonist was transported to a world packed with monsters with no humans. several sturdy monsters resided therein jungle. At first, he accustomed run away however slowly he got accustomed living there.(Seoul Station Druid)

One day, he was accepted into a wolf tribe. He had spent thousand years therein world till he got teleported back to Earth and was told solely ten years have gone by on Earth. His system is packed with errors and since of that, he was recognized as associate degree F-rank Hunter, that isn't even qualified to be referred to as a Hunter.

2. 990K EX Life Hunter

990K EX Life Hunter hd wallpaper

The protagonist was one in all the weakest hunters with no talent whatever however his past 9 hundred ninety thousand lives were extremely amazing.

When he was in despair of his past 9 hundred ninety thousand lives assisted  him to urge stronger. They started observance over him. in order that he doesn’t disgrace them and whenever he wants help, they invariably seem to save lots of him.

Well, overall i actually just like the story because it has introduced one thing terribly distinctive and it's not been traced from alternative manga.

1. The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End hd walpaper

Synopsis :

King gray has huge strength, wealth (The Beginning After the End) , and status in an exceedingly world filled with individuals with martial talents. however behind this powerful man, there's a shell of a person whose mind is full of can and purpose. 

When he gets reincarnated into a replacement world that's full of magic, he gets a second probability together with his life. Now, he mustn’t build identical mistakes as he did within the past. There should be a reason why he got reincarnated into this world, and what destiny awaits him?

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